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Current CSA News, find out what is new.

  • 10/18/02  Added new AGL project to website.
  • 10/19/02 Added Nasa Gift Store to site to allow for another method of support in funding.  Updated more of the website in several areas.

March 18, 2007

Many new updates to the website in an attempt to increase the over-all look and feel to the site. Added some new methods to gain more income for the CSA, with many others in progress.

We will be adding some new projects soon, as well as pushing to put together some teams for some challenges and competitions that are available.

A big addition is the newsletter section. Yes, the CSA will now be doing a monthly newsletter which you can sign up for on the main home page. Of course your information will never be given out to anyone, it is and will be only used for the CSA to send you the monthly newsletter.

Some short term additions to be added very soon include an educational section. More ways to help fund the CSA, keep in mind we are totally reliant on your aid to expand the CSA. We will be adding a fun & games section that will include an educational twist.

An urgent matter is to find Moderators to handle some live chat events that will be coming soon, as well as Moderators to handle Project Message Boards. If interested contact us.

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