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Welcome to the CSA LOGO CONTEST!

The CSA; Civilian Space Administration is hosting a graphics logo contest. The logo will be used on our website, as well as for advertising, and even our company news letter and letter head stamp.

The CSA is a volunteer based non-profit space exploration and research organization. This is a great opportunity for budding graphics artists to be noticed.

After you create a logo you can email the logo as an attachment to

Provide us with your contact information. Once your logo is received it will be added to the contest voting page. This will allow users to vote on their favorite.

The winner acknowledges that if his/her logo wins the contest then it will be used openly by the CSA and only by the CSA for advertising purposes.

The winner of the logo contest will forever receive full credit for the logo. We will add a contest winner page to the site which will provide the winner with a full credit page. We will provide their information and a link to their personal or business site if they have one.

When designing the logo you could take a look at some well known logos that already exist in order for you to get inspiration. To keep in taste with our organization you might consider looking at site logos such as NASA, and Star Trek, as these provide a solid idea base.

That's it. We all look forward to seeing what you can come up with, GOOD LUCK!

Mr. Hoyt

Founder of CSA; Civilian Space Administration.

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