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Methods of how to support the CSA.

Below are a number of differant methods in which you can help support the CSA.  We will continue to add more ways as time goes on. 

  • We are looking for a logo for the CSA, a contest for anyone that wants to create a logo for the CSA you can email it here , and we will post it on the site for everyone to vote on their favorite one.

  • The Official NASA store. By purchasing gifts from the NASA store the CSA will receive 10% of the sales. These funds go directly back into the CSA.                              
  • A big part of our success in the CSA will be by members input.  To achieve this goal advertising is very important so anyone that has a few spare minutes and would wish to support the CSA can advertise for us.  Please do not Spam though.  If you help support the CSA through advertising shoot us an email and let us know and we'll be happy to make you an official member of the CSA and give you some recognition for your support.

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