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About The CSA, Find out what the CSA is all about.

     The CSA is a non-profit organization designed to bring people together from all over the world to work on technology projects.  Any funds that CSA receives goes directly into building the Administration and moving it further along.  The Idea is to increase space research and exploration at a lower cost than past government funded space administrations.  Lower cost with faster accomplishments is the idea. 
      The CSA is to be like a hub for all idea's and research, letting anyone and everyone join in on the work like a hobby.  If you wish we already had a base on the moon, or exploration ships, or mining capabilities in space, or whatever else your mind can concieve then you are someone that will enjoy the CSA.
     Obviously no one is paid for what they do, your only pay is your personal gratification and what we are all able to accomplish.  The CSA works via everyone's input, contributions, and funding.
     Official CSA members will be able to reap the rewards of the CSA in several ways, many ways not even imagined yet. 
How does one become a member of the CSA?  
Contribute to the CSA in whatever way you are able to. 
     As the CSA grows and goals are met, the CSA will be able to offer many things.  The CSA is designed as a place brought together by everyone for everyone.  A disclaimer page will be added soon to show general guidelines and specific rules that must be a part of the CSA to have some order in the Administrations.  Feedback in developing this and every other part of the CSA is something we need and expect. 
     Email or post messages regarding any idea's you have in regard to projects or anything else regarding the CSA that you have in mind. 
CSA Founded on 10/01/02
An Idea in the mind since 1/1/90

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